What Are the Benefits of OEM Chevy Parts?

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If you’ve been shopping around the Stockton area for parts for your Chevy vehicle, you’ve likely come across Chevrolet OEM parts and aftermarket parts. So, what are Chevy OEM parts? OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer,” and these auto parts are made by Chevy with the same materials as your vehicle’s original Chevy parts. While genuine Chevy parts tend to be more expensive than aftermarket components, they offer better reliability and long-lasting quality — and will save you money in the long run. Keep reading with Sanborn Chevrolet to learn more about the benefits of genuine Chevy parts. 

What Are Aftermarket Parts? 

Aftermarket parts are not produced by an original manufacturer like Chevy. Instead, they’re manufactured by a third party or a company other than Chevrolet. Why should Elk Grove drivers avoid using aftermarket parts? For starters, aftermarket auto components are built in bulk, and they’re designed to fit a wide variety of models. As a result, there’s no guarantee that an aftermarket part will be a perfect fit for your specific Chevy vehicle. 

Many drivers are drawn to aftermarket parts because of their affordability; however, there’s a reason why they’re typically much cheaper than genuine Chevrolet OEM parts. Aftermarket parts vary widely in quality, while OEM Chevy parts are always crafted at a high degree of quality. As a result, the chances of aftermarket parts lasting very long are slim. 

Should You Purchase Chevy OEM Parts or Aftermarket Parts?

Are you still unsure of whether you should choose Chevrolet OEM parts or aftermarket parts for your Chevy vehicle? In addition to their superb quality, here are some additional reasons to choose genuine Chevrolet parts: 

  • Better Curated Selection: It can often be a hassle to find the right part for the right price when searching inventories of aftermarket parts. When you shop for Chevrolet OEM parts, it’s much easier to locate the appropriate part and be confident that you’re paying a fair price. 
  • Warranty Coverage: OEM GM parts and OEM Chevy parts are covered with a Limited Parts Warranty. If you have an aftermarket part installed in your vehicle and that part causes any damage, this could put your warranty converge in jeopardy. 

The bottom line: When comparing genuine Chevy parts vs. aftermarket parts, OEM Chevrolet parts are always the better buy — as they’re made to last as long as the original part you’re replacing.

Find the Chevrolet Parts You Need at Sanborn Chevrolet of Lodi, CA 

If you’re searching for a dealership in the Galt area that sells genuine Chevrolet parts and accessories, look no further than Sanborn Chevrolet. We offer our customers a wide selection of Chevy parts from brake pads to performance parts — all of which are covered by the GM parts warranty. Reach out to us if you need any help finding the right part for your vehicle. Or if you already know what Chevy OEM parts you need, you can simply order them online!

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