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EV Owner Benefits

All-Electric 2022 BOLT EUV

Why Buy a New Chevy Electric Vehicle?

In an era where rising gas prices are impacting our everyday purchases, it’s safe to say that we’re all looking for ways to save -- both now and in the long term. Luckily, Chevrolet offers a solution in the form of its electric vehicle lineup. From the available EV rebates and tax incentives offered by every level of government to the per-mile EV running costs that far undercut those of gas-powered cars, it’s no wonder that more Californians than ever are making the switch to an electric car. If you’re ready to stop paying CA gas prices for good, stop by our Chevrolet dealer in Lodi and see why now is the time to buy a new Chevy Bolt EUV nearby.

Chevy EV Maintenance Benefits

Though there are plenty of reasons to buy an electric vehicle, including performance, technology and efficiency, one of the top perks for California Chevy customers is the reduced maintenance. Electric cars are like any other electronic device in that the serviceability requirements are minimal. With combustion engines, oil changes need to happen every few thousand miles, and owners must also stay current with belt and hoses, tune-ups and more. Vehicles like the new Chevy Bolt EV eliminate the need for all of that. Though you’ll need to still schedule EV service in Lodi for simple things like tire rotations and wiper fluid top-offs, you can say goodbye to costly gas-engine car repair.

EV Charging Station Flexibility

Most new EVs for sale in Lodi offer drivers three levels of charging options, known as Level 1, 2 and 3 charging. Level 1 is your standard 120V household outlet. Level 2 charging usually takes the form of a 240V dedicated wall charger or public EV charging station. Level 3 EV charging refers to the ultra-fast electric car chargers that can cut a Chevy Bolt EUV charge time down to just a few hours. Because all the new electric Chevy models are compatible with all three charging options, you can regain some Bolt EV range just about anywhere there’s an open outlet or charging station nearby.

Charging Tier Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Typical Rate of Charge (miles regained per hour of charge) 4 miles/hour 25 miles/hour 100 miles/30 minutes
EV Charger Type Standard three-prong household outlet (120V) 240V EV Charging Unit DC Fast Charger
Where Can I Charge? Anywhere Public charging station or at home with the installation of a 240V EV charger Public charging station equipped for DC fast charging

MyChevrolet Mobile App Perks

Rounding out the Chevy EV ownership experience is the MyChevrolet mobile app, which offers detailed information on all things related to your Chevy Bolt EUV or Bolt EV. You can do anything from review Bolt EUV maintenance needs and diagnostics to find local EV charging stations in Lodi or elsewhere. The app even allows you to pay for charging. Before you buy a Bolt EV, be sure to download MyChevrolet or ask one of our Chevy sales associates for more information.

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